The Guide

How To Use the Guide

The Green Communities Guide: Advancing Nature-Based Solutions is a dynamic resource aimed at supporting municipalities and developers to learn about and implement nature-based solutions (NBS) to mitigate the risks of climate change and to increase community resiliency. 

The Guide contains five foundational chapters on NBS, including the variety of environmental and community benefits they provide as well as how business cases and plans for NBS can be developed. In addition to this, the Implementation Overviews go into more detail on a wide variety of types of NBS and some are linked to a growing number of case studies included in the Guide. These examples of NBS in action in communities across the province showcase municipalities and developers that are leading the way. 

The Guide can be navigated in any order and you can use the table of contents on the left side of the screen or search by themes at the top right. Case studies are found in the "About" drop-down menu. 

If you are an expert in or have implemented an NBS, please add your listing to the Stewardship Directory.

If you have an idea for a case study that could be featured in the Guide, please contact us